This Lodge was consecrated on 29th October 1897 for the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria as the ‘VICTORIA COMMEMORATION (Reserve Forces) Lodge’ on a petition by a total of 17 founder members from local Volunteer Military units and currently has a membership of approximately 36 brethren.

It is an historic Lodge, providing the Provincial Grand Master for Northumberland in 1906 and having had many distinguished members and honorary members from Lords Ridley and Ravensworth to Colonel Napier-Clavering, who was the PGM for Northumberland from 1909 to 1932.

It is often described as an officers mess with a Lodge attached and you will find the Lodge has some peculiarities not found elsewhere. There is no procession of officers at either opening or closing of the Lodge. The Lodge is closed by the singing of the first verse of the National Anthem, not by a closing hymn.  There is no collection for charity (or raffle at the Festive Board) as members subscribe directly to NMCA.

At Installation the salutes to the Master are given on the march, not at the halt.

It is primarily a non-speaking Lodge, so you will not find any fraternal greetings given, either in the Lodge or at the Festive Board. There is no Masonic firing after any toast.  Usually the toasts are not introduced, simply proposed.

All members and visitors are required to book a cover for the Festive Board, sending their cheque in respect of the dining fee, no later than 7 days before the meeting to the Mess Secretary (not the Lodge Secretary), who can be contacted here.