January 2014

The Lodge usually meets on the 1st Wednesday of each month, but as for 2014 this was 1st January, we took advantage of UGLE rules to move the meeting night by one day to the 1st Thursday. As all who had indicated they would be present were at the Temple by 1825 we set down to business, opened and closed the Lodge in a time frame probably not seen since our war time meetings during the Great War and 2nd World War – 15 minutes!!!

We then went off to the Caledonian Hotel, where the WM received a telephone call from two members who had inadvertently been left behind and locked in at the Temple! Their release having been happily effected, we settled down to enjoy a talk from W Bro Lt Malcolm Byrne RNR about the ‘War in the Pacific’. After going through the economic and political causes of the conflict; personalities and equipment involved; ebb and flow of the battles and way it was brought to an end, he received a rousing ovation for his work, followed by his little tin doing the rounds in support of Teddies For Loving Care

A superb meal then followed, lobster terrine; Braised beef in red wine; Bailey’s chocolate profiteroles and cheese board before the evening was brought to a conclusion with the usual round of toasts.

Thankfully we will not have to change our meeting night for the January 2015 meeting, which will be on Wednesday 7th January.

Malcolm contacted the WM the following day to express his delight and amazement at the sum raised for TLC, which he said was ‘twice as good as the nearest per capita sum’ – and he said the nearest sum had been raised at a meeting of another Masonic Order, not at an individual Lodge. He commented that he was very struck by the unique atmosphere of the Lodge, which he described as as ‘a real band of brothers’. Thank you Malcolm!